Rpg Maker Vx Maps

If you have not viewed the FAQ already click here.

This page is for the Map Packs you can find individual maps by going through the play lists on my YouTube Channel by clicking here.

If you wish to download the Map packs The list will be posted and updated on this page.

By downloading The Files you agree to the following:
These Rpg Maker VX Maps may be used in your games commercially and non commercially only thing you may not do is share them with other people. If someone wants these free Rpg Maker VX maps redirect them to this blog or send them to my YouTube Channel. By downloading the Map packs you agree to these terms.

Map pack 1= The first map pack of 3 download here.
Contains 1 castle town, a marsh like town, and a ruined desert town.
Premium: 2 maps Regular: 1 map

Map pack 2= TBA

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